One eviction can change the trajectory of an individual or a family’s life and multiple evictions in a community are destabilizing. We aim to intervene early between tenants and landlords before the word ‘eviction’ is even spoken.

For more information please check out the JONAH Affordable Housing Task Force Facebook Page or reach out directly:

Susan Wolfgram

Paul Savides

Judi Moseley


THURSDAY AUGUST, 2021 the US Supreme Court ruled that the CDC exceeded its authority thereby blocking the temporary moratorium on evictions. Read more here: NPR news story on end of CDC Moratorium. While this is concerning for many renters, we want to remind renters and property owners alike that there are still millions of dollars available in assistance funds via Western Dairyland. We urge you to apply now. Assistance requests are being processed in real-time and staff are available to help if you find the online application challenging.

TENANTS: If you've received an eviction notice please do not pack up and leave your unit - apply for rental assistance ALSO be sure to visit the Madison Tenant Resource Center to learn your rights and responsibilities before making a decision ("Payday" loans are never the answer - nor is entering into an agreement without having all the information needed about your rights/responsibilities). If you decide to go to court, know that you can ask the court to order mediation and you can mediate the terms of moving out.

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